Asthma and Alcohol Consumption

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Can I Drink Alcohol with Asthma?

Bronchial asthma is a disease, which affects 10% of world’s population. Such a high figure is closely connected with current state of environment and food quality. This disease is not death sentence but, subject to certain rules, a person is able to keep normal life regimen and do not suffer from seizures using asthma inhalers. The disease is chronic and can be shown at different stages of life, in presence of inflammatory process causative agent.

Often there is a question about impact of alcohol on asthmatics’ condition. Alcoholic beverages are contraindicated in many chronic diseases including asthma, because alcohol is a potent toxin. The ethanol contained in alcohol poisons body and provokes inflammation. Bronchial asthma is a complex disease that can be fatal without medical supervision and inhalers for asthma attacks’ prevention and arrest.

Asthma and alcohol are causative tandem. Alcohol consumption can provoke an attack and aggravate disease. Also it has a value of combining alcohol with inhalers, which are taken by asthmatics.

Asthma inhalers brands are:

  • Ventolin Inhaler;
  • Proventil Inhaler;
  • Advair Diskus;
  • Spiriva;
  • Atrovent;
  • Pulmicort;
  • Combivent;
  • Seroflo Inhaler;
  • Symbicort;
  • Serevent Inhaler;
  • Rhinocort.Asthma and alcohol

Asthma Types and Their Treatment Plan

Bronchial asthma is a chronic bronchial inflammation. The disease may have different degrees of severity and be related to different types. Asthma type symptoms are determined by stimulus type. Accordingly, disease is treated completely by different drugs including astma inhalers online which you may buy via Asthma Inhalers Online.

The most common type is allergic asthma. Advanced chronic allergy leads to bronchial obstruction. Viscous fluid accumulates in lungs. Consequently, because of bronchial deformation, fluid can not come out. Pathogens of this type of asthma attack is allergy to:

  • pollen;
  • dust;
  • animal dander.

Residents of large cities suffer from such diseases more often. Among symptoms choking is observed.

Bronchial asthma, which is characterized by whistling cough, is more serious disease’s manifestation. Smokers and alcoholics suffer from this type of disease more frequently. But these symptoms may occur in people with bronchial obstruction provoked by professional peculiarities.

Asthma manifests itself in periods of stress and anxiety. Nervous disorders and physical fatigue provoke attacks of breathlessness and cough. It is also aggravated by this type of disease in hot, summer months. In such situations have inhalers for asthma within reach.

Regardless of symptoms, asthma requires careful attention to lifestyle. Active exercise requires more oxygen saturation. Bronchial obstruction reduces body’s ability to get enough oxygen in required quantity. The result is choking and coughing. Food should be selected taking into account activity of allergic component. If person does not respond to some product, under certain circumstances body can react to allergenic substances in other situation. Such foodstuffs like nuts, citrus fruits, spices and foods contain large amounts of preservatives and synthetic food additives. The use of these products requires monitoring.

Simple things such as pets and house plants should also be under special control. Bronchial asthma is not allergic to fur and pollen. But over time, reactions to this allergens may manifest and worsen patient’s condition. Pets are better excluded, and if you want to get some animal, then you should choose one who has no fur. Pot flowers should be selected so that during flowering period they have no buds. With same attention bedding should be selected. You should abandon from feather pillows and blankets in favor of synthetic, hypoallergenic materials.

Alcohol Effect on Asthma Treatment

How asthma interacts with alcoholAlcohol is provocateur for many diseases and asthma is not an exception. Under influence of ethanol it reduces defenses of immune system, problems with the liver and digestive tract appear. Alcohol abuse not only provokes chronic diseases relapse, but also becomes a fertile soil for manifestation of new diseases. Asthma requires attention to health. Simple ARVI can give complication on bronchi and provoke inflammation increase. And weakening of immune system is the first reason not to drink alcohol during asthma.

Ethanol itself as substance has no impact on bronchial obstruction, but it is absorbed into bloodstream and spread throughout body. The blood becomes thicker, it increases risk of blood clots. Deformed, narrow vessels of asthmatics who are not able to saturate lungs with required amount of oxygen further impair their operation. There is a lack of oxygen increasing risk of asthma attack.

It is impossible to identify a safe amount of alcohol, because body mechanism and individual reactions in asthmatics are also completely different.

The consequences of alcohol consumption:

  • relapse of chronic asthma;
  • risk of allergic reactions;
  • asthma attack;
  • reaction to medications;
  • general state of deterioration and subsequent complications.

Do not forget about inhalers and other medications that should be taken for treatment and alleviation of asthmatic condition. Hormonal drugs are most often used, which are not compatible with alcohol. The consequences of alcohol consumption can be mild allergic reactions and fatal outcome caused by asthma attack.

With no less care it must be applied popular methods of asthma treatment. Most traditional healers offer to treat bronchial asthma applying alcohol. Many of recipes in different quantities contain alcohol as an constituent. To resort to such methods of treatment is not recommended. The clinical picture of asthmatic’s state is individual. Only a doctor can make recommendations on use of certain “traditional remedies“. Recipes with alcohol, even if you do not cause asthma exacerbation, may cause problems with gastrointestinal tract and liver.